Another day, another Septim.

Let us see, what has happened today. Well, I have some good news, probably not for anyone else, though. My creative mind seems to be working again. Actually, I think music had put my brain to sleep for the past few months. Odd but very true, and disturbingly effective. Cutting out music allowed the thoughts to pour in, which in turn allowed me to write again. For a writer to be unable to type anything is an extremely bad circumstance and an extremely depressing one as well. That is the good news for today, other than that... it has been a typical morning. Oh, I suppose I did manage to come up with a few character ideas. That I did.

Thinking about watching Hunter and In The Heat Of The Night, providing I can find them online to view. Old shows are awesome and, in most cases, better than the new ones. I do not care what anybody says about it, The Highlander was one badass television show. "I was born in the highlands of Scotland over four-hundred-years ago. I am immortal, and I am not alone." That is the kind of opening that sticks with you, no doubt about it.

See! Personally, I find the same thing to be true for anime, mostly. In some of the older anime and manga I have seen, there were not as many stereotypical character that make you want to vomit your guts out, not as many Gary Stus and Mary Sues, which, in my opinion, is always a plus. “Slayers” is a good example of an old anime and manga that lacks all the stupidity and stereotypic crap that most have these days.

I am a Slayers fan at heart, now and forever. Go Lina Inverse! Dragon SLAVEEEEEEEEEEE! Muwahahahahahah…

I loathe it when the heroine is some pathetic girl that can do nothing but get captured, sit around like a stuck-up bitch, then whine for the hero to rescue her. The hero, who in turn is a shallow, goody-two-shoes, and has some ridiculous view on life that causes him to avoid killing at all cost, place everyone else’s life above his own, and uses his own body to block blows so that no one is ever killed. Basically, a character with a retarded moral compass that is far, far too active and potent to be in the mind of a human being. Now, I confess this is not always true, but in the anime/manga world of today, it is a very common thing, one that I hate with all my heart and soul and wish would die in a ditch somewhere. Good heroines and heroes are very difficult to find these days. It is rare to see good antagonist as well.

I still like Aizen as an antagonist. I think he does his part very well, no matter what anyone says about him being overpowered. The other characters are just weak compared to him, in my opinion, not that he is overpowered. Seriously, it is very shortsighted to consider a character like Aizen to be overpowered. He is incredibly powerful, yes, but he just does his part as the villain very well. Let us face it; a weak antagonist who lacks not only power but substance as well is a boring one. Aizen Sousuke has never failed to amuse me, or keep me on the edge of my seat, wondering what he will do next. He is smart, powerful, and well-prepared to do what he must do to accomplish his goals, not stopping to ponder something like morals. Even so, he is not shallow or lacking in mystery, and you do not see the typical, “I desire vengeance, my clan and parents were murdered by my brother, or close friend, so I seek to kill them” or the, “I am crazy. I want to rule the world, to destroy it because my wife was killed by humanity’s cruelty and they deserve no less.”

We do not know Aizen’s past, but even so he is a character that keeps your attention. Therefore, we do not really need to know his past. That is an alluring part of him I believe. These people cannot just look at his character for what it is, they have to go on about his Zanpakutou, and how he is too powerful. They do not look at his genius as it is.

Message to all the Aizen Sousuke haters out there, go snuggle with your Sasuke Uchiha plushy and leave the Good antagonist alone. You are probably the same people who love Twilight, despite the fact that it sucks and is a poor portrayal of how vampires really are. Don't get me wrong, I like the Naruto series, just not emo-Sasuke.

I think I should get back to my writing now, before I end up insulting someone. Maybe I will watch a couple episodes of HunterxHunter, and then stab some people on Mount&Blade. What? It is an interesting game, and a good stress reliever, too!  Yeah, other than writing things and watching TV on the computer, my weeks are a bore. Sorry, perhaps I will have something to write about after I am done thinking about all the ignorant stereotypes that float about the net, and the world. Racist, you can go to hell.

Writer's Block: Animal magnetism
What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

I would have to say that fox best represents my inner spirit, seeing as I am kind of shifty sometimes, but I like to move through things quickly. Yeah, I see foxes as getting around very fast. However, if I had to wake up as an animal, I would no doubt choose a crow. Freedom through the skies, black wings, there is nothing better sounding than that.

Writer's Block: Single pride day
Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

Ah, I am not in a relationship, but I will be celebrating by writing up the beginning of a fictional story. O lawd, hopefully. I wouldn't participate, seeing as I am anti-social, and hate holidays.

A whole lot of nothing, thank you very much.

Ah, life is the big, winding road of disappointments, commitments, choices, and accomplishments. We all expect something of ourselves, do we not? We all desire something for the future, something that we wish to aim for, whatever it may be. However, there are some of us who are happy simply being idle. There is nothing wrong with that, but I suppose others may beg to differ on that point. Those choices are a big pain-in-the-ass, if you ask me. Pick, pick, pick, nag, nag, and nag. They are always there, right there in front of you, begging to be answered. Each day you have new choices, it is part of life. Sometimes it gets a little annoying. Oh, what is that you say? Grow up and act like an adult? Pfffft. It is more adult-like and realistic to acknowledge the existence of such a dilemma than to ignore it and pretend that life is always great, wonderful, and full of sunshine and farts. I would rather be realistic and seem negative than to pretend the world is all right. What is with that kind of person. Oh yes, the positive guy or gal who thinks that because they pretend something is good, it is! EEEET! Wrong answer. Try again next time.

Enough with the view of the world nonsense now, onto other things.

Well, I sit here, eleven-fifty in the morning, give or take a few minutes, typing on my computer, like usual, typing away, writing out some fallen angelic character for a hopeful future short story. Anyway, I wonder if I am doing this right, never wrote in a blog before. Ah well, to hell with it. So I am writing and I wondered…maybe I should write about my day and finally add an entry to LJ. As you can see, I am here, but only to notice nothing really happened today worth writing down. What is there to say? I woke up, ate breakfast, listened to some music on the computer, typed out some things, got cleaned up, ate dinner, came back to the computer, and here I am. So hello world, this is my first Live Journal entry, and I am a writer… Oh, by the way, who the hell would pay to have their lawn shoveled? That makes very little sense to me. I probably made some grammar errors and so on here, typed it in a rush. Oh well.

Ah, yes. Supernatural, you rock! Awesome show! Sam let loose a whole lot of kick ass this week. Woot. Go Cass!


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